Being a goalkeeper for any club is a thankless task, for every amazing save they make there is always a chance that just 1 mistake could define their career and have them branded as a dodgy keeper.

At some clubs you can get away with the mistakes, but at united 1 error is magnified 10 fold and you are lablelled as a failure to the throne of peter schmeichel or from now on Edwin Van Der Sar.

Take a look at Ben Foster, a young keeper who everyone thought had the potential to be our number 1, at reserve level he put in commanding performances and filled us all with hope that we may have uncovered a gem of a player.

A season on loan at Watford gave him the premiership experience, however he was guilty of letting Paul Robinson score from a goal kick, misjudging the flight and bounce of a ball as Robinson launched it into his area. A mistake that at united the world would have seen and laughed at.

Fosters chance came at united during an injury lay off for Edwin, Foster couldn’t handle the pressure, he made a lot of mistakes during his spell in between the sticks and once the 1st error was made the rest followed and that was pretty much the end of his united career.

It wasn’t all bad news for foster at united, he was part of the carling cup winning team, saving a penalty in the shootout against spurs and putting in a man of the match performance, unfortunately he just didn’t progress from there.

Ben foster is now a championship goal keeper having been relegated with Birmingham this season.

Another example of promise but ultimate failure is Tim Howard, he started so brightly in the united shirt and we finally looked to have replaced the big Dane, however 1 mistake against Porto that got us knocked out of the champions league and his head had gone and so was his united career.

So what about David De Gea? Very similar in age to foster but arguably less experienced having never played for his country at senior level.

De Gea is 20 years old with his best years way out in front of him, ilker casilas has already said he’s the future Spanish number 1 keeper so its clear he is highly rated in his country.

I’ve seen snippets of De Gea, he seems a good shot stopper and distributor of the ball, all key skills that we need for a united keeper, but for someone so young and inexperienced it will be a worry for me IF he signs.

Key word being IF

For whatever reason we are led to believe that David De Gea didn’t jump at the chance to join us and is still very much undecided whether to join us.

There are many rumours why this is the case, from changing agents on july the 1st, to not being keen to move to such a big club at a young age.

That’s the worry for me already, what if he thinks he’s not quite ready for this job? He’s never played champions league football, or got premiership experience, probably never played in the cold wet windy weather, all new experiences he has to deal with and that’s before the added pressure of trying to justify his massive transfer fee at one of the biggest clubs in the world.

He does have the experience of being a Europa League winner but that competition is a million miles away from what he will be coming up against in the red of united.

United fans are speaking from experience when we say that the goal keeper is one position you cannot mess with, we’ve seen it down the years trying to replace schmeichel, putting in players without that experience or mental strength that all ultimately failed until the arrival of Edwin. I can’t help but feel the united management haven’t learnt from their mistakes in not signing a proven world class keeper with experience, it’s the most important signing of the summer.

Personally id have gone for Buffon at Juventus, a world cup winner, champions league winner, and most importantly an experienced keeper who has been there and done it all.

Buffon is rumoured to be keen to try out the premiership and is a big admirer of Manchester united he is also no longer 1st choice at juve after losing his place when out injured, his contract runs out in 2013 so its possible we could get him cheap.

Buffon would certainly not be afraid of the job in hand at united and wouldn’t care about barking out orders to the back 4, something I cant see De Gea doing to Vidic and Ferdinand.

Talk about Buffon however it seems is pointless and that De Gea is the man to take over the number 1 jersey.

I don’t want to be negative about any united player especially 1 that hasn’t even appeared for us yet but I cannot help but feel that De Gea isn’t the keeper for us and he’s going to prove a flop, of course id love to be proved wrong but its like history repeating itself for united fans.

What makes me worry even more is that De Gea wasn’t our number 1 target either which means that the keeper we have plumped for wasn’t seen to quite make the grade to be the best man for the job.



06/03/2011 02:58

I agree pal, think we are making a mistake signing him.
Would be a good idea to sign 2 keepers, 1 experienced and other de gea so he could learn off him? what do you think?

06/03/2011 04:51

I watch la liga every week and to be fair the lad does look good but i share your concerns, dont think hes quite ready for a big club.
Agree with comment above that we should sign him with an expereinced keeper before bedding him into the 1st team.

06/29/2011 23:49

Yup, scary times ahead i think.


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