Late Sunday afternoon, Alex Fergusons new fresh faced Manchester United team had just done the unthinkable, they hadnt just beaten Arsenal but absolutley destroyed them from the opening minute. Yes this Arsenal team was poor, but not 8-2 poor, an all round fantastic team performance yet again from united, one that if Barcelona or Arsenal themselves had produced would have been no doubt herlad as "the best performance ever ever blah blah blah"

These are exciting times to be a United fan, it appears this new young team has come from nowhere, the back 4 forced together due to injury problems, the midfield that got ripped to pieces by Barcelona relegated to the bench whilst the new, quicker, more agile players continue to impress, and upfront we have our star player back to his best supported by a local lad who's manchester united through and through. The only slight concern is the man inbetween the sticks but even so he seems to be growing in confidence game by game and making some impressive saves.

All this without a Sneijder, Modric or Nasri insight!

All summer United fans (myself included) have craved for this "creative midfielder" to replace Paul Scholes and a signing of a true "midfield enforcer" neither of these have surfaced thus far and with just over 24 hours of the transfer window remaining it doesnt look likely either.
Then again is Ashley Young this creative player? with a good handful of assists and a couple of goals to his name already he could well be the missing link, albeit as a winger!

With this in mind is this new united team ready to take on the world and be put up there alongside The Busby Babes & Fergie Fledglings? of course after 4 competitive games its far too early to put any kind of pressure on the young lads with that comparison but the signs look good for the future.
Its very easy to get carried away after an 8-2 victory but its the football thats been on show before that game that fills me with confidence.
Looking back on the charity shield and the introduction of Tom Cleverley, that substitution although not single handedly changed the course and outcome of that match.
Cleverley has been fantastic for us this season and whilst I am a huge fan of Carricks and not one to berate him, for me I think hes lost his place in the team now, cleverley is everything Carrick isnt and he suits this current united setup far more.
The same can be said of Berbatov, again im a massive advocate of Dimi but his game doesnt suit this United setup either. Its now all about pace, fast temp passing and movement.

There is also one more player at United that should be worried about his place in the team and thats Rio Ferdinand.
Phil Jones has stepped into this team and has been exceptional, he looks every bit a United player and out of all this summers signings its him that has impressed me the most. He reminds me a lot of Stam, quick,strong and powerful in the tackle but also like Rio he can pass and play the ball too.
I have no doubt he will become a huge fan favourite at Old Trafford.

The Champions League draw on Friday was kind to us, whilst not the most exciting group we should be able to finish top and get through to the knock out stages without any scares. This current crop is good enough for that I have no doubt, and with that in mind I wonder if its played any part with Fergie not purchasing 1 more player, maybe hedging his bets on seeing how this team performs to January and if needs be sign a player then?
Historically we dont tend to sign that many players in that window but if needs be we do, Andy Cole, Vidic and Evra as perfect examples.

As much as im enjoying this united team, the football on offer and the almost perfect mix of youth and experience I still feel we are lacking "something"  a dynamic midfielder like a De Rossi.

We do have Darren Fletcher returning who, pardon the cliche will be like signing a new player but after, by all accounts suffering a terrible illness will he be the same player?

I'm still concerned that what we have still isnt quite enough for Europe and at times I think we may struggle against more aggresive Premier League teams. Looking at it from the worst case scenario we could end up short during the winter months and not having enough to fall back on, is it such a risk to go out there and get an extra body in?

Ive always said that the Premiership should be our priority but a club like ours needs to have more European Cups to its name but I still dont think our short comings have been addressed in terms of midfield.
We wont get past some teams, Barcelona the obvious inclusion here without a player that can break down the oppositions play and of course create.

What Ive seen so far of United this season fills me with confidence domestically and for the future but there is still very much an air of doubt about the key area.

For now lets enjoy the ride and the football on show whilst quietly hoping Fergie has a signing or 2 up his sleeve!


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